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Interrogation # 1 • January 2005

OK, since I took over the website, I am obviously the one who writes most of the text for usurper.us, including everyone's "Profile" questions. I thought it would be pretty lame to write my own profile questions, so I asked Jon Necromancer to write them for me. So he did... and here are my answers.
Rick - Main Guitars.

1-What inspired you to learn guitar?
Learn? Did I ever really "learn" how to play? The only reason I picked up a guitar is because when I was 13 years old my mom wouldn't let me get a drum set. I think just being a fan of hard rock and early Heavy Metal in general at such a young age inspired me to want to play music and be in a band myself. I took a few lessons and it sucked! I was learning all this useless Mel Bay shit, so I quit!

2-Describe the band's work ethic. Usurper works harder than a lot of bands that have more than twice Usurper's popularity. Many bands would get discouraged and say fuck it. Usurper never has. Why?
Because when you are obsessed with something it never seems like hard work. Why do anything half-assed? Either you are into something or you're not. That is the way I feel about everything in life. People who slack and take the lazy way out are losers. They are the ones who waste all their time getting drunk and complaining about why everyone else sucks, just because they are miserable about their own shortcomings. If they focused their energy on trying to improve themselves instead of complaining, perhaps they wouldn't be such miserable losers!

3-Have you ever not had a "good hair day"?.
Not too often. Even when I do, I just look over to the other side of the stage and see a couple of fried out disasters atop the heads of the "Twin Towers" and suddenly everything seems "all good" on my head!

4-You are the last founding member of the band since its inception. In your opinion, what is different in the band between now and in '93?
Holy shit! This question could turn into a novel. But remember, Joe "Apocalyptic" Warlord is back now, and he is a founding member too... but I suppose you mean I am the only guy in the band who has been here for every aspect of Usurper from its' inception, until the present day. The basic difference is this: in 1993 we had this desire to create a band that was not like anything else currently going on in the scene, but had a classic thrash metal feel and attitude. We didn't care about the business aspect, we didn't care if people liked us, we didn't care about anything except pleasing ourselves.

Today it is pretty much the same, it almost feels the same as it did when we released our 1994 Visions from the Gods demo; everyone is hungry to hit the road, everyone takes pride in their position in the band, and rehearsals are even a blast once again! Only now we have plenty of experience under our belt and a small but strong legion of true metal warriors on our side.

5-Usurper, as individuals, have one of the strangest, and most violent sense of humor out of anyone in the world. The ball busting is just as aggressive within the band as it is towards outsiders. What's one of the most "severe" ball busting debacles you've witnessed?
Man, I have to be honest, I think the General was the biggest ball buster of them all! The way he would hit way below the belt with his sarcastic insluts was both funny and pure evil! I can't believe you didn't quit the band after some of the deeply personal insults he threw at you on a regular basis. I think though Carc got it the worse than anyone. The 2000 European tour with Cradle of Filth, was a hazing period of 30 days straight, 24 hours a day for poor Carcass Chris!

6-Over the years you've toured across the world with the band. What's one of the most outrageous things you've witnessed while on the road?
I remember taking that condom full of yogert and putting it in Carc's pocket, then video taping him finding it (wait till the DVD, it will be on there). That perhaps was the funniest tour moment I can recall! Other top contenders would be in 1998 catching Nornagest (from Enthroned - one of the most satanic black metal bands ever from Belgium), in full corpse paint, in total spikes and leather singing the theme to the love boat, complete with American accent and Isaac the bartender wink and "thumbs-up" pointing gesture (that will be on the DVD as well). Also that time you (Jon) were so wasted on exstacy, alcohol poisoning and other strange pills that you were shitting blood, yet we still forced you to play the show. We thought you might die, but the show was more important than your health. Also I suppose that time that hillbilly nightclub owner and all his employees from that venue in Massachusetts wanted to literally kill me, (for undisclosed reasons), so I had to hide in the back of the van on the floor. That itself wasn't so outrageous, but what I did to get to that point was pretty outrageous... and I'll never tell!

7-Usurper are a weird bunch of dudes. In you're time touring or otherwise, who have you met that was so weird and out there, that it even surprised you and the rest of the guys?
Remember that weird broad we met in Minneapolis in June of 1996? Remember we went back to her house and then she tryed to kidnap us? She was pretty weird. Also that time in NYC when we were walking around with crazy Ted and we ran into that strange African American street person outside of Denny's who kept mumbling, "gimme a skillet, homie need a skillet, I really gotta have a skillet" he was saying it really fast, yet mumbling in a real low gravely voice and he followed us for blocks but he never really was talking directly to us or even acknowledged us when we tried to talk to him. Remember that guy? He was pretty weird. How about in recent times when Joe was so wasted that he brought back that scum-bag homeless hippy to my hotel room and that motherfucker wouldn't leave so I physically had to throw him out of the room. That motherfucker was pretty weird too.

8-You're known for your outrageous consumption of Jagermeister. What's one of the goofiest things you did when you were innebriated on the so-called "nectar of the gods"?
They don't call me "The Spraguermeister" for nothing! It is the weirdest thing, when I do a shot, I think it's the best thing in the world, so I do more, and more... and more. I never really pass out from it, I just get to a point where I feel like beating the shit out of people, then I can't remember things... I can't really explain it. I know it is my poison, yet I am always compelled to drink it. The goofiest thing? I think that one time when I woke up in the morning and there were all those little pieces of glass in my hand and wrist, and I couldn't remember why? Then I called you and you had the same problem, then it all came back to me about our spree of smashing out all those windshields of all those cars with a hammer while driving in your old van. It was pretty goofy alright! Why the fuck did we do that? Again, when I was all intoxicated on Jaggermeister it just seemed like a great idea.

9-Describe a typical Usurper practice.
Drive to Joe's house, pick him up, get pissed off at traffic. Get inside, Dan is sitting around playing PS2 already on his 5th beer. Those in the band who enjoy some smoke partake in that activity, crack open a cold one, turn the amp up to 11, and then pound through some songs. In between songs, plenty of ball busting, for example, making some comparison to Jon's IQ and scent being that of a chimp. Goofing on Carcass Chris for various reasons. Making plenty of references to "gigantism" and "Twin Towers" jokes. Ripping off quotes from the Simpsons, goofing on past members, and serious insults that at times lead to some actual physical violence. Get done with the set, partake in various intoxicants (for those who like that sort of thing), and play a few rounds of Hot Shots Golf Fore. Then get road rage driving home.

10-Some people have attacked Usurper's crediblilty over things concerning their image (the drinking, abundance of leather and spikes). Does it bother you that some people may look at these things first and judge the band before they hear the music?
These people can KISS MY ASS! It is not my problem some slack-jawed loser jounalist would rather stroke off to the latest trendy Swedish melodic short haired flavah of da month then support real Heavy Metal. These punk ass journalists are 9 times out of 10 not qualified to review True Heavy Metal. Usurper has been doing this since they were watching Barney the Dinosaur videos, and will be doing this long after whatever trendy band's cock they are sucking is long gone! We've outlasted many, many trends and many, many crittic's top bands.

11-What's your favorite experience in the band?
Recording albums and touring. I love the escapism aspect in the music and lyrics; the studio and the road make the element of escapism a physical reality.

12-What is the gayest thing that ever happened to you in Usurper?
Having to share a stage with the gayest bass player on the planet!

13-Have you ever thought about breaking up the band?
All the time! I know one day the band will have to come to an end, and trust me once that day comes there will never be reunions, "best of" albums or any other of that bullshit. Fortunately I think we still have a lot of gas in the tank, so I don't think that day will come for a long while. But it is a strange feeling for me personally because I know I ultimately hold that card. Anyone else can quit or get kicked out and the machine will keep rolling, but I know when I decide to quit, Usurper will be over.

14-What does the name Rocco St. Cool mean to you?
Thanks for giving away my porn name asshole!

15-Is that bulge in your pants really just a cucumber wrapped in aluminum foil?
That's all me baby, just ask the ladies -I also have a 9 inch tongue! They don't call me Rocco St. Cool for nothing!