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Interrogation # 1 • January 2005

Jon Necromancer - Bass/Booze

1. Who are your bass influences?

The usuals. Lemmy of course for bass and lifestyle. The ultimate metalhead! Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, Danny Lilker and John Entwistle of all people.

2. Favorite new song to play live?

Bones of My Enemies at the moment. Playing wise it has that classic feel to it like playing the song Threshold of the Usurper does. Super aggressive and then a super heavy ending. Its probably tied with the stoner rock version of Supernatural Killing Spree
3. Which old song would you like to re-record with the new line-up?
Full Moon Harvest or Deep in the Forest. I'd have to go with Deep in the Forest because its one of the few tunes I never got to play on when it was originally recorded.

4. Which old song that isn't played anymore would you like to re-incorporate back into your live set?

Dismal Wings of Terror complete with fire breathing debacles.

5. Favorite Dio era Black Sabbath song?
Its gay to admit, but "TV Crimes". Busted!

6. What is the worst thing about sharing "stage left" with Carcass Chris?
Well, its not just sharing the stage with Carc, its sharing it between the 2 of us and his gargantuan pedal board! Who needs 2 wah pedals!??! That and Carc stands slightly behind me, and that makes me slightly nervous for some reason. Just basic paranoia I guess. But the worst is probably all the "Twin Towers" jokes from the rest of "Bros" in the band!

7. Was it a conscious effort to bring back the mullet hairstyle, or was it just something that just kind of grew on you?

Just keepin' it real like Shaftiel is all
. Someon's gotta proudly diplay the ultimate metal haircut! It never used to bother me much until one time on tour we were all eating in a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the way to the next show is southern Ohio. There was this horrendously ugly chick (I think it was a chick) sitting across the place with the ultimate "Kentucky Waterfall" [Kentucky Waterfall is another term for a mullet - ed.], which was hastily dubbed "The Kentucky Fried Waterfall". It was a little tougher than usual to look in the mirror for a few daze after that
8. Favorite fire breathing moment?
Florence, Italy 2000. I would always breathe fire towards the end of "Dismal Wings.." live and it was awesome. Around that time, some of tour managers were warning me that I should stop because someone could get burned and sue us, and since we were in Europe it could be a real problem. Of course I answered with some ?what could possibly go wrong?? type response. Sure enough, later on I?m drunk as hell playing, and I filled up with a double dose of lighter fluid for the fireball, and BOOM! This thing was fucking huge and since there was too much lighter fluid, all these smaller flames were falling down on the crowd in front of the stage. I set the stage monitor in front of me on fire, the bouncer?s arm, and this chick?s hair goes up in flames. She had no idea at first and is standing there, headbanging, which only made it worse. The people around here saw her on fire so they started hitting her in the head trying to put it out. She had no idea why all these people started beating the shit out of her! We could barely finish the set we were laughing so fucking hard!

9. Remember the time you, Rick and Carcass Chris were hanging out at Exit and you and Carcass got into an argument over who was the bigger Black Sabbath fan? Did you ever decide who was the bigger Black Sabbath fan, or did Carcass win by default since he called you a [and I quote]: a "Punk Ass Bitch"?
Well, last time I checked, the only thing you win when you call someone a "Punk Ass Bitch" behind someone's back like a wimp is a complimentary tube of pink lipstick! But everyone knows that Carc is a bigger fan of KISS than of Black Sabbath.

10. Do you think Kiss is a valid Heavy Metal band to be influenced by or do you think they're gay?
I'd like to quote the guy who worked in a comic book store we visited when we played in Springfield. "Gayest Band Ever!"

11. Who is the gayest band on Earth?
The Village People

12. What would be better (or worse), getting a blumpie from the grumpy munchkin or getting a handy from Carcass Shirley?
Well, a blumpy has been a personl aspiration of mine for many, many years. On the other hand, Carcass Shirley has lots of cash

13. Favorite studio moment from the Cryptobeast sesions?

Aka "The Whiskey Sessions"? Me and Dan drinking several fifths of whiskey was a highlight, but unfortunately it led to me forgetting a lot of the experiences there. Doing blow with Satan's Glee Club when we recorded the gang vocals was also a highlight. That, and the mysterious "BOING!" noise!

14. In five words or less, describe each member of Usurper?
- Carcass Chris: These
- Joe Warlord: Are
- Dan Tyrantor: My Metal
- Rick Scythe: Brothers!

15. What is the funniest current nickname for one of the guys in the band?
Its gotta be a tie between Dani "Thighwrangler" and "Rocco St. Cool".