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Interrogation # 1 • January 2005

Joe Warlord - Usurper Drummer

1. Since your return to Usurper, what have been the best old songs to play live?
Fuck what a tough question!  The first actual practice when I moved my gear in, I recall playing slavehammer and god damnit its like it was eight days not 8 years.We slowly worked others in as carcass wasn’t in the band in the 90’s, necrocult pt.1 The Metal War, Full Moon Harvest, Visions from the Gods to name a few. They are all great songs to play live and I'm sure we will eventually play them all but our main focus was and is CRYPTOBEAST!

2. What are your favorite "Hellstorm era" Usurper songs to play live?
Cant really say I have a favorite because I feel every album wether I was on it or not was Fucking Metal to the core but when I received a copy of Twilight Dominion and spun the disc for the first time I was hands down blown away, not only by the superior production by N. Kernon but the master pieces created by RIGOR and CO. To hard to pick a favorite once again, expect to hear at least 2 or more songs from each album depending on wich show and wich country you choose to see the onslaught!

3. What is your favorite Cryptobeast song to play live (if you could only pick one)?
RETURN OF THE WEREWOLF everyone looks like they are ready to kill someone or something after that number. KILL FOR METAL anyone?

4. Who are your drum influences and a brief statement on what each one means to you?

At the present time just myself I don’t want to be influenced by anyone I mean fuck, I'm 34, if you asked this question 10 years ago I probably would have had a list 10 pages long! ok ok: Rich, Palmer, Bonzo, Peart, Copeland, Bozio, Lombardo, Sandoval, Portnoy the list could go on as I said just definitely not Lars with his gay hopscotch beats!

5. What is you favorite beer?
Anything with alcohol but always enjoy a fine German Beer!

6. Outside of Metal, what is your favorite band/album?
Outside of being in USURPER when I joined a satanic cult I was into a lot of progressive rock,you know look
at me and how talented I am... type bands aka symphony x,dream theatre, ozric tentacle,racer x ect….

7. What is your philosophy on extreme metal drumming?
It takes a lot of stamina. Not sure what philosophy means but there are only select drummers in extreme metal I enjoy. C'mon where is the fun in blast beats and 3 of the same fills and combos on an album.

8. What do you think of drum solos during live concerts?
Very gay! Everyone look at me! Look at this bitch!

9. Who do you think is the gayest band on Earth?
Corn (nice attempt at covering a FLOYD tune)you make me FUCKING SICK!

10. Favorite Black Sabbath album?
BLACK SABBATH, BLACK SABBATH  My life was never the same.

11. Better game system X-box or PS2 & why?
PS2. I just don’t like the controller and gameplay of the X-BOX.,call me old fashioned I guess.

12. Current favorite video games?

13. Favorite classic arcade games?

14. What would be your fantasy tour line-up?
JUDAS PRIEST, SLAYER, CELTIC FROST(old lineup old mindframe)with USURPER HEADLINING... well you said fantasy.

15. Describe each band mate in 5 words or less:
-Jon Necromancer: diseased alcoholic
-Carcass Chris: 1 half twin tower alcoholic
-Dan Tyrantor: loud mouth alcoholic
-Rick Scythe: genious alcoholic
Joe Warlord ???