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Interrogation # 1 • January 2005

OK Losers, since Dan is the new guy we thought we'd introduce him to all of our fans out there... so all 3 of you prepare to meet Dan Tyrantor (vokillizer/ball buster).

1. Introduce yourself to the Usurper bangers.
Heya twats, Im Dan Tyrantor. I split my time between singing for Usurper, and drinking myself into a coma. Sometimes I do both at at the same time.

2. Who are your vocal influences?
Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx/Pestilence), Tom Araya (Slayer), and Barney Greenway (Napalm Death)
But if I could sing like Halford, Dickenson, and King Diamond, I would.

3. What were your top 5 albums of 2004?
In no real order, and considering I have no idea if these all came out in 2004...
Exodus - tempo of the damned
Dragonforce - sonic firestorm
Darkthrone - sardonic wrath
Kataklysm - serenity in fire
Unleashed - sworn allegiance
Dismember - where iron crosses grow

4. Favorite beverages?
Beer - Old Style or PBR when Im broke... Becks, Spaten, Heinekin when I have cash.
Liquor - whiskey and Coke. It has to be either Jack Daniels or Makers Mark though
Shots - Irish whiskey all the way!!!! Jamesons and Bushmills = TASTY!!!!

5. What is your favorite old Usurper song to play live?
Vatican Time Machine is the most fun song in the world to play live. I wish I didnt have to actually sing it, so that I could headbang and mosh around like an idiot.

6. What is your favorite new song to play live?
Kill For Metal. Im all about audience participation, and when we play this song live, the kids in the croud are chanting along to the chorus and throwing their fists into the air.

7. What classic Usurper song would you like to re-record?

Slavehammer and 1666 AD

8. Top 5 movies of all time?
Night of the Living Dead
Phantasm 2
This is Spinal Tap

9. Best moment of being in Usurper?
The first show. The stress of being the new guy, playing in front of more than 800 people, and the pressure of learning 11 songs in a very short amount of time made me feel like I was going to puke right before we took the stage. Twenty seconds into the first song, I thought I was going to pass out. But when that song (Metal Lust) ended, and the crowd went berzerk, I knew I belonged in the band. It felt awesome, and I still get that feeling whenever we play live... but now without the nausea.

10. Better system: X-Box or PS2?
X-box for its superior graphics and HDTV capabilities. PS2 has some excusive titles though, like the Hot Shots Golf series. Luckily for me, I own both systems, bitches!!!!

11. Current favorite video games?

Ghost Recon 2, GTA San Andreas, Hot Shots Golf Fore, and the demos Ive been playing for Area 51 and The Punisher.

12. Top 3 classic video games?
Gradius, Time Pilot, and Galaga

13. Ultimate fantasy tour line-up?
Usurper, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden. We get the small dressing room, but who gives a fuck?

14. Gayest band on Earth?

Linkin Park without question. Die, you queers!

15. Your favorite drunken moment?
Ah, the old underage drinkin days where we would pile into Jon's shitty Oldsmobile and drive through the alleyways of LaGrange, plowing over garbage cans/fences/garages/etc... Im still shocked that nobody ever died or went to prison back then.
I would like to add that my LEAST FAVORITE drunken moment was playing the Minneapolis Mayhem fest in April 2004. I got so hammered that I accidentally poured a shot of whiskey into my eye, blinding myself for 3 days.