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Interrogation # 1 • January 2005

Carcass Chris: Lead Guitars
*The opions expressed below are that solely of Carcass Chris and do not necessarily reflect the view points of the Usurper organization... especially Question #12.

1. List your gear:
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifyer Solo Head, Mesa cabs, B.C. Rich Beast (customized by myself), U.S.A. Jackson King V, 1989 Charvel model 4 (full custom), various beater guitars, and one gargantuan pedal board that Jon can't seem to figure out how to get around due to he is still learning how to walk upright.

2. Who are your guitar influences?
Joe Satrani, Zack Mishur (my old teacher), Toni Iommi, Dave Murry & Adrian Smith, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malamsteen, and Kirk Hammet up untill   "...and Justice", and before I found out he talked like a fag!

3. Favorite beverage?
Beer, Beer, and more BEER!

4. Favorite old Usurper song to play with the new line-up?
Warriors right now because Joe's drumming kills and makes the song the way it was supposed to be.

5. Favorite Usurper guitar solo & why?

That's a tough one but for now I would have to say Reptilian.  It is not the most technical as far as music theroy, but it rides almost out of control and just sounds good in the song.  It reminds me of motorhead on (more) speed.

6. Top 3 live Usurper shows and why?
#1: Alcatraz, Milan Italy, supporting Cradle of Filth and terrorizing gay Christian Death.  Biggest show so far, Biggest stage so far.
#2: The Metro, Chicago, Il,   Co-headlining a sold out metro and destroying the crowd.  The new line up with Dan and Joe full of fire, Blowing away all who were there that night.
#3:  Somewhere on the Manowar tour when Jon got out of the van, started puking on the grass, and passed out while the sprinklers were on.

7. Best concert you ever went to?
My first show ever.  Iron Maiden and Accept on the world Slavery Tour, July, 1985.

8. Biggest ball-buster in Usurper?

This is a trick question.  It is Impossible to answer!  I guess it depends on who feels like being an asshole that day.

9. Favorite song off Cryptobeast?
I like them all the best!  Right now I would have to say that Cryptobeast is my favorite song to play now.  Super raw and energetic.  This song Defines USURPER to Me.

10. Gayest album in your CD collection?
Christian Death: Born Again anti Christian. 

11. What would be your ultimate tour line-up?
Usurper (opening), Motorhead, Dio, Priest, Maiden, Black Sabbath headlining.

12. Better beer: OLD STYLE or PBR?
O ld Style?  Fuck that shit. PABST BLUE RIBBON!  "PBR me A.S.A.P!"  Here are the Cold Hard Facts:  Pabst was Selected as America's best in 1893.  It says it on the can.  And Cans Don't Lie!  Old Pyle has no awards.  Otherwise it would be printed on the can.  Old Style is truely the inferrior.

13. Favorite Black Sabbath album?
Master of Reality or Sabotage.  It's a tie.

14. Favorite band from each genre:
It's hard to pick just one so I chose to put two for each.
      - Favorite  Classic Heavy Metal:
Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath
      - Favorite Glam Metal:
Motley Crue and W.A.S.P.
      -Favorite 90's era Death Metal:
Entombed and Morbid Angel
      -Favorite Black Metal:
DarkThrone and Impaled Nazarene
      -Moderen Thrash:
Only the Thrash influence We put into Usurper.

15. Opinion on Reality TV?

Reality TV is the gayest thing ever.  You want reality, shut off your fucking TV, leave the house and go do something.  Reality TV is for lame-O's.