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August 22, 2005: North American Tour Dates!

USURPER are confirmed for the following concerts. Please check the TOUR section for venue info, support acts and more details:
August 26, 2005: Milwaukee, WI (M4 Fest)
September 17, 2005: Chicago, IL (Nuclear Holocaust Fest)
September 30, 2005: Canada: London, Ont.
October 1, 2005: Canada: Toronto, Ont.
October 15, 2005: Minneapolis, MN
December 3, 2005: Mexico: Tijuana

August 14, 2005: Updates.

CANADIAN CRYPT-TOUR! Venues are confirmed for both USURPER Canadian tour dates.
Friday, September 30, 2005 - London, Ontario at THE EMBASSY HOTEL (all ages, drink with ID).
Saturday, October 1, 2005 -Toronto, Ontario at THE KATHEDRAL (19 & over).
Check the TOUR section for supports acts and other vital information for these shows, as well as the M4 Fest (Milwaukee) and the Nuclear Holocaust Fest (Chicago).

LABOR DAY WEEKEND METAL ASSAULT! USURPER bassist Jon Necromancer and S(a)tan from R.I.P. Records will be the guest DJ's on Sunday, September 4th @ EXIT 1315 W. North Ave. in Chicago.
So if you live near Chicago come on out and hear Jon and Stan spin some classic Heavy Fuckin' Metal. The whole band will be there getting loaded and there will be some cool giveaways/door prizes.
doors @ 9 PM DJ's 10 - 4, 21 & over • Brought to you by The Chicago Music Factory.

August 6, 2005: Canadian Crypto-Assault!

have been confirmed for 2 headlining dates in Canada! Friday, September 30, 2005: London, Ont. and Saturday, October 1, 2005: Toronto, Ont. Exact venues and support bands will be confirmed in the very near future. Check the "tour" section for more information on these shows as well as the M4 Fest (Milwaukee) and the Nuclear Holocaust Fest (Chicago).


July 27, 2005: Live Dates.

USURPER will headline the first annual M4 Festival on Friday August 26th, 2005. The fest will take place at Bucketworks located at 1319 North 3rd Street - Milwaukee, WI. 
Also appearing: Novembers Doom, Underthreat and many more.

Don't forget to check the tour section for more information on this show and the NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST FESTIVAL as well as more live dates.

July 16, 2005: Concert News!

USURPER are confirmed to perform at the NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST FESTIVAL directly supporting Sabbat (from Japan) Saturday September 17th, 2005 @ The Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace St., Chicago,IL (773) 478-4408. Check the tour section for more information.

July 10, 2005: Usurper questioned for London Bombings?

...not really, but here is a killer new Cryptobeast review from England! - Usurper: Cryptobeast review
Here's also another new Cryptobeast review from Treehouse of Death Webzine.

July 8, 2005: Updates & Fan Participation Wanted!

The is a new interview with USURPER Vokillizer Dan Tyrantor posted online from Treehouse of Death Webzine. Click here to read all of Danny's drunken ranting.

Also check out the new BC Rich website for new artist profiles on guitarists Rick Scythe and Carcass Chris as well as bassist Jon Necromancer.

Attention Die Hards! Anyone who visits this site frequently is familiar with the individual profile interviews in the Biography section of Basically, each member answers 15 questions asked by another band member... For the next round of profile interviews, we would like any Usurper fans to ask some questions as well. So anyone who wants to ask a specific Usurper a question or 2 (or 15) please send an email to: - include your name, address and be sure to let us know which member the question is for. If we use one of your questions we might send you something. We will post new profile interviews in early August.

June 10, 2005: Usurper featured on BC!

Rick's personal artist section is now posted on the BC website. (click here to view) This section is sort of like a mini-website that has Rick's bio, guitar specs, interview, fun facts and more. Expect Jon Necromancer and Carcass Chris' artist section to be posted at BC in the next few weeks. Special thanx goes out to Rock Clouser, Jeff Ried and everybody at BC Rich... the most Metal guitar company on the planet!

June 6(66), 2005: Live Concert Footage and Video Interview!

Metalworks Internet Radio have just posted a video clip of Usurper live from their record release concert at Subterranean in Chicago. There is also a 10 minute video interview segment with Rick Scythe and Jon Necromancer.[Not recommended for dial-up users]


June 1 , 2005: The Summer of George!

The summer of George is at hand! Here is a list of all new updates at

2005 Photos:
New pictures from the Kerrang! photoshoot as well as various live pictures from first 3 Cryptobeast concerts.
NEW profile Questions & Answers! Click on a specific Usurper member in the Biography section of this website and read 15 new questions and answers for each member, by each member... don't worry, the old profile interviews are still available in the archives section of the website.
2004 Timeline finally posted!
Read a detailed description of the year 2004 according to Usurper... and while your at it, refresh yourself with the past history of the band.
Archive Section established! Old News posts, Old Profile Interviews, Links to Online Reviews and Interviews...

Coming this Summer to - New merchandise & online store, new summer tour dates, new member Profile interviews (with questions selected by fans), concert log of every Usurper show ever performed, updated "Albums" section with exclusive info, never seen before photos & new studio notes about every Usurper album, Usurper video game update [the video game is currently being developed for PS2 and X-Box] details and images will be posted here, re-issue of "Diabolosis/Threshold of the Usurper" CD... and much, much more... Prepare for the Summer of George!!!