You have just opened the Dictionari Diabolos(The Devil's Dictionary).
Within this realm you will find a glossary of terms often used by those in the Usurper Circle.
Read at your own risk!

MONKEY BOY: someone who does something completely stupid, yet doesn't think it is stupid.
WERECHIMP: instead of a werewolf (crosss between a wolf and a man), this is a cross between a chimp and a man.
KID CHIMPLING: 1 less than a chimp
BEER:30 : This is the best time of day. "Beer:30" signifies a time when the shitty work day is done and it's time to crack open a cold one! If you ever ask a usurper member, "What time is it?" Chances are the response will be "BEER:30!"
T-SHIRT BITCH: a roadie who's sole purpose on tour is to sit behind the merch booth (because he is too unqulified for anything else).
RIDDICULOUS DISGUISE: this refers to Jon's "look". (Mustache, glasses, nose, mullet). It is a personal goof, comparing his look to that of the riddiculous disguise that people on old sitcoms would wear when they didn't want to be noticed (the Groucho Marx glasses, mustache, nose)
MR. BAG: [click on picture]

BABY ATTACK: when a grown man has a tantrum like a little baby.
SILENT BABY ATTACK: When a grown man gets hurt feelings, yet just gives you the "silent treatment" (much like a girlfriend or wife would do).
GRAND MAL BABY ATTACK: This is a full on, temper tantrum, complete with screaming, throwing stuff, threatening to quit the band, etc... very funny!
WEAKENER: this is someone who totally ruins a good time by acting like a wimp.
SLACK-JAW:  a lazy idiot
SLACK-JAWIN': in the process of acting like a slack jaw.
New! DILK: Milk that comes directly from a sack or a bag. (see picture).

BALL BUSTING: the act of goofin' on someone (usually a friend) in an extremely harsh, offensive and insulting way, in order to just get a good laugh. This is usually done in front of a crowd.
10/90: hairstyle popular in the 80's, short on the top and sides, slightly long in the back: aka: a mullet .
New! THE SHOCKER: 2 in the pink, one in the stink. [see picture].
< < < Giant foam rubber novelty hand demonstrating 'The Shocker'.

"BOLTS": Another nickname for Jon - a reference to Jon looking like Frankenstein.
FUDGULATED: a term used when something gets ruined, warped or covered in gunk. [example: Dan lets Rick borrow a CD, Rick returns the CD and it is covered in filth and doesn't play. Dan says: "Rick, this CD is fudgulated! It won't play" Rick replies, "It played fine in my CD player"].
CHOOCH: see slack-jaw
COCK BLOCKED: a term used when shooting pool. It is when you purposely block someone elses shot just because you don't have anything.
BLUMPIE: Getting oral sex while taking a shit.
GRUMPY MUNCHKIN: (1). A character in HOT SHOTS GOLF FORE! (2) Recieving oral sex from a female while she is taking a shit!
SLOB JOB: Getting a blow job while riding sideways down the highway like Son of a Bitch!
GUNT: fat belly on a girl.
ZORT: Blow
ZONKED: extremely intoxicated
YOINK: to steal something, usually right in front of the person. Must make that sound when you do it (*note: completely ripped off from the Simpsons) example: "I'm gonna yoink this last beer from you... Yoink!"
CHAOS POUCH: a man purse or fanny pack carried by someone metal.

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