Visions of Metal
: Diabolical Slaughter [Vocals] and Rick Scythe [Guitars] form USURPER as a side project.

Usurper is Born!
: USURPER adds Apocalyptic Warlord [Drums] to the line-up and becomes a full time band.

From the Garage into the Underground
: VISIONS FROM THE GODS demo is recorded and released. 1,300 copies are sent out in 6 months to various: fanzines/magazines, tape traders, radio stations and Metal fans Worldwide.

Enter the Necromancer... Debut Album!
: Jon Necromancer [Bass] joins the band. USURPER signs to HEAD NOT FOUND [Norway]. Their debut album DIABOLOSIS is released on CD and Vinyl.

The Necropolis Years

Crossing the Threshold
: NECROPOLIS releases the THRESHOLD OF THE USURPER MCD/Picture Disc. The Mini Cd consisted of 6 songs which were all recorded at different times for different reasons, yet were never released.
It was upon its' release that USURPER does their first North American tour supporting DARK FUNERAL.

It was also at this time where Usurper parted ways with original drummer, Joe "Apocalyptic" Warlord. This was something both parties did not want to see happen, but due to circumstances which arose in Warlod's personal life, touring was noit a feasable option for him, so he stepped down. His departure was not something which caused any bad blood, quite the contrary in fact. Apocalyptic Warlord was considered a true brother and a phenomonal talent so the offer was made to him that as soon as he got into a situation where he could tour and as long as the timing was right for both parties, the door would always be open for him to return.

Hellstorm, European Invasion!
: Dave "Hellstorm" Chiarella [Drums, ex-FUNERAL NATION] joins the band. USURPER headlines the RAVE Stage at Milwaukee Metalfest XII, soon after they record their second full length album. Winter 1998 sees their first European tour with ENTHRONED and HECATE ENTHRONED.

The Skeletal Season
: Second full length USURPER album is released, titled, USURPER II:SKELETAL SEASON. The album is released on CD and Vinyl. Headline 3 date mini-tour with Exhumed and Sadistic Intent in support as well as the First Annual New England Metal/Hardcore Fest. Summer 1999 USURPER supports CRADLE OF FILTH on their US/CANADIAN tour, which includes a performance at Milwaukee Metalfest XIII.

Hail the King, Enter the Carcass, Europe Re-visited!
: NECROPOLIS RECORDS re-releases USURPER's 1994 VISIONS FROM THE GODS demo [with additional rare, live and unreleased tracks) on digi-pack CD and Vinyl. USURPER records 3rd full length album NECRONEMESIS at NOMAD STUDIOS [Texas] with Producer Kol Marshall (King Diamond/Absu/Mercyful Fate). NECRONEMESIS features backing vocals by KING DIAMOND on the title track as well as Proscriptor [ABSU] on another. In preparations for the live assault, USURPER enlisted former ETERNAL HATRED mainman Carcass Chris as Second Guitarist. Headlining the NECROPOLIS Stage of Milwaukee Metalfest XIV was Carcass' first performance with USURPER. October had USURPER performing at the legendary New York City club CBGB'S for the Deathtober Fest. November and December saw USURPER destroy Europe on a 24 date tour supporting CRADLE OF FILTH.

An Earache from the Necropolis.
: After months of communication breakdowns with their label, USURPER part ways with Necropolis Records in July. While hard at work writing and rehearsing for album #4, in October the band sign a new deal with EARACHE RECORDS.

Dominion of Fire, Warriors and Kings of Metal!
: 1999's: VISIONS FROM THE GODS CD and 2000's: NECRONEMESIS CD were re-issued by EARACHE Records in March; both with re-vamped layouts and bonus tracks. In April USURPER toured the East Coast (USA) directly supporting Manowar to promote these re-issues. During the month of May a fire ravaged the warehouse that USURPER practices in. Although USURPER's room suffered minimal damage, the building was a mess (soot, dirty water, damaged electrical system, dead rats, etc.). This postponed the band's rehersal scheduale, which in turn postponed their planned studio time [to record album #4] . October 2002, USURPER entered ENGINE MUSIC STUDIOS in Chicago, with Grammy Award winning producer Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE, QUEENSRYCHE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, HALL 'N OATES), to record their 4th album (and EARACHE debut) TWILIGHT DOMINION (projected release date: April 2003).

Return of the Warlord! Good-bye to the General...
: In January USURPER had a listening party for their new album TWILIGHT DOMINION at a club called Delilah's in Chicago. Journalists, as well as fans got a chance to hear the entire album months before the release date. Later that month Dave "Hellstorm" Chiarella (drums) parted ways with the band. April 22, 2003 TWILIGHT DOMINION was released worldwide and received critical acclaim in such magazines as TERRORIZER, METAL MANIACS , ROCK SOUND and many others.

In July, USURPER (with a session drummer) flew out to Los Angeles to directly support DEICIDE at the GATHERING OF THE BESTIAL LEGIONS FEST. While in LA, USURPER filmed a video for the song METAL LUST. Later that month USURPER and ENSLAVED did a 10 date tour of the US which included a mainstage performance at the Milwaukee Metalfest.

The last date of the mini tour proved to be a special occasion, not only was the concert in the band's hometown of Chicago, but original USURPER drummer Apocalyptic Warlord played a cover of Mercyful Fate's "Black Funeral" with the band to end the show. The magic was there, so in October 2003 Joe "Apocalyptic" Warlord returned to USURPER as the permanent drummer. On November 8, 2003, USURPER did a live internet concert for the 3 ring radio show on This infamous show marked the first performance of USURPER with the entire original line-up since 1996, and also was the last performance with original vocalist/co-founder GENERAL DIABOLICAL SLAUGHTER. The General left the band later that month, only weeks before USURPER'S show at the Metro in Chicago, directly supporting MACABRE at the HOLIDAY OF HORRORS FESTIVAL.

USURPER wasted no time and enlisted new vocalist Dan Tyrantor. Tyrantor has been a long time metal brother of USURPER. He was in a band with Jon Necromancer in the early 90's, and grew up down the street from Apocalyptic Warlord.

On December 26th 2003 USURPER played for the first time with the new vocalist at the Holiday of Horror Festival in Chicago in front of nearly 800 people. The crowd response was phenomenal and the on-stage chemistry was there, so shortly after the show, TYRANTOR became the official new vocalist for USURPER.

2004: Killing for Metal!
: The year starts off slow but steady with Rick and Joe working on new material in Joe's basement. As the year progresses the rest of the line-up finally got together to see if things could really kick as much ass as past Usurper albums/line-up's... The band rehearses classic Usurper material and learns 3 new songs: "Bones of My Enemies", 'Supernatural Killing Spree" and the instrumental version of "Kill For Metal" with only the title and chorus. The new material and new line-up seem better than ever and although Rick had all the music, chorus', vocal structure and title for the new anthem, "Kill For Metal", he wanted Dan to feel as if he was part of the Usurper family right from the start. Because of this, Dan Tyrantor's first mission was to pen the verses to the metal anthem, "Kill For Metal".

It was now official, Usurper would carry on without vocalist General D. Slaughter, so the band obtained a new rehearsal studio in Chicago and decided to go for the jugular! As the year progressed, Rick continued to write and demo new songs in his home studio, while the band played some one-off's and mini tours to solidify the on-stage chemistry within the band. No place was too big or too small for Usurper. Performances at Minneapolis Mayhem Fest 1 as well as headlining a venue located in the basement of a bagel shop in Columbus Ohio were amongst some of the diverse events Usurper performed at.

Summer of 2004 - Usurper was under the gun to record a new album for Earache Records. Although Rick had most of the songs written, the band was busy playing live shows, so had no time to learn the material. The band was forced to cancel any summer touring plans and focus on recording an album by August 2004.

Once again Usurper enlisted Grammy Award winning producer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Queensryche, Hall & Oates, Dokken, Ringo Star) to produce the new album. After being chloroformed, Neil agreed to do it. Neil came out to rehearsals over the summer and by July 2004 Neil and Rick started the pre-production.
August of 2004 - Usurper went into Chicago's Rax Trax studios to record their 5th full length album, "Cryptobeast".

In October 2004, Usurper had a small listening party at a local Chicago nightclub called Delilah's. It was here fans and journalists alike got a chance to drink free beer and hear the Cryptobeast album in its' entirety. The rest of the year was used for starting the media campaign, doing interviews for every publication possible, as well as planning out the 2005 assault.

2005: The Year of the Beast.
"Cryptobeast" was unleashed upon the world in Feb. 2005 through Earache Records and upon its' release the album recieved outstanding reviews and feature interviews and articles in major magazines worldwide.

One such major magazine was Kerrang (UK), which flew out journalist, Dom "Doominator" Lawson and photographer Nick Stevens from England to Chicago to spend a weekend with Usurper. It was during this time Usurper treated the Kerrang Krew to an exclusive rehearsal and other points of interest in Usurper's home town. The article was released as a feature entitled, "Usurper: The Most Metal Band on the Planet" and one such photo from Kerrang's time in Chicago (which featured Usurper photographed on a frozen beach along Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline in the background), was actually was voted as one of the top 5 poster photos of 2005 for Kerrang's year end issue.

During 2005 Usurper did not do any major touring, but did establish themselves as an elite underground band with headlining concerts in Canada, Mexico, USA as well as co-headliners at the Minneapolis Mayhem 2 Festival. Usurper also filmed a video for the track, "Return of the Werewolf" which recieved airplay through various independant sources throughout the world.

2006: Norwasted!
As 2005 came to a close vocalist Dan Tyrantor began occassionally missing rehearsals due to circumstances which were affecting his personal life. At this time both guitarist Rick Scythe and bassist Jon Necromancer began experementing with singing and playing as a way to stay productive as a whole during Dan's absences. Early in the year, Usurper decided to do their final Chicago concert until the next album. The show was held at the Subterranean Theater and although was a "21 & over" concert, Usurper managed to sell out the event.

It was during the early months of 2006 when the promoters for Norway's biggest festival, "Inferno Fest" contacted Usurper to headline the mainstage for day 1 of this monumental festival. Usurper was honored to be part of this legendary festival and agreed to terms with the promoter in Feb. 2006. The festival was held during Easter weekend in April 2006. Usurper headlined day 1, Emperor headlined day 2 and Cathedral headlined day 3. This was Usurper's biggest headlining concert to date (2,000 + people) and solidified Usurper as an elite underground metal band worldwide.

When the band returned home from Norway, the plan was to rehearse during the summer for the final concerts for the "Cryptobeast" album, (which included the "Minneapolis Mayhem 3 Fest" and the "Day of the Equinox Festival in Toronto, Canada) as well as work on new songs for the next Usurper album. However, at this time vocalist Dan Tyrantor had serious issues arise in his personal life which didn't allow him to attend rehearsals. As the days turned into weeks (without Dan), Rick and Jon once again took over vocal duties in addition to their instrument duties. As the weeks of Dan's abscences turned into months the band decided to do the remaining shows as a 4 piece, without Dan rather than cancelling the remaining shows.

In August, 2006 Usurper had a meeting with Dan and told him the decision. Dan was informed that he wasn't being kicked out, but was being asked to go on hiatus for 2 months; at which time the band would forge on while he could use such time to straighten out and re-organize his personal life. Then as long as Dan could commit to the band 100% again, Usurper would continue working with him. Dan did not want to accept this offer, or even take some time to consider this option, so he quit on the spot.

Usurper now will continue indefinitly as a 4 piece with Rick and Jon splitting vocal duties. Usurper have no plans on hiring a new vocalist at this time, due to the fact that the vocals sound exactly what anyone would expect from Usurper and the vibe is at its' highest point in over a decade. Instead the 4 members plan on forging ahead with the remaining shows and next album as a unit that is now stronger than ever. Rick, Jon and Joe were 3 of the 4 original members from the debut album in 1995. The addition of Carcass Chris as a second guitarist was added to Usurper in early 2000 and was the only additional guitarist to be part of Usurper ever since.

These 4 members have traveled the world together, recorded together and rehearse religiously 3 times a week together and are the essence of Usurper. Rick has been writing the majority of the music and lyrics since 1993, so it is only fitting that he should now become the frontman as well as the guitarist for Usurper. Usurper v3.0 will continue along the same path of Real Heavy Metal that the band forged over 13 years ago and will continue to carry on into the future. The new album will be recorded in early 2007 and will feature the songs, "Talons of Steel", "Rebel Wolf" and "Planet of the Humans".

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